Markdoc is a lightweight Markdown-based wiki system. It’s been designed to allow you to create and manage wikis as quickly and easily as possible.

What is it good for?

Potential use cases for Markdoc include, but aren’t limited to:

Technical Documentation/Manuals
Markdoc can be used to write and render hand-written guides and manuals for software. Such documentation will normally be separate from automatically-generated API documentation, and might give a higher-level view than API docs alone. It might be used for client documentation for web/desktop applications, or even developer documentation for frameworks.
Internal Project Wikis
Markdoc wikis consist of a single plain-text file per page. By combining a wiki with a DVCS (such as Mercurial or Git), you can collaborate with several other people. Use the DVCS to track, share and merge changes with one another, and view the wiki’s history.
Static Site Generation
Markdoc converts wikis into raw HTML files and media. This allows you to manage a blog, personal website or a collection of pages in a Markdoc wiki, perhaps with custom CSS styles, and publish the rendered HTML to a website. Markdoc need not be installed on the hosting site, since the resultant HTML is completely independent.

Cool Features

Where do I start?

The quickstart document has all the information you need to put together a simple Markdoc wiki. The authoring guide provides a quick introduction to writing Markdoc pages themselves, especially with regards to linking between pages.


See the configuration reference for in-depth knowledge on writing your markdoc.yaml file. The layout reference describes the basic filesystem layout for a Markdoc wiki, and the tips directory contains several handy recipes.

The Markdoc project’s goals and history are described in the about page. If you’d like to know more about how Markdoc works at a deeper level, take a look at the internals directory. Developers interested in hacking the utility will likely want the development page.

To see the complete list of pages in this wiki, you can browse the directory listing.


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